West Abbey Farm Welsh Ponies

West Abbey Farm Welsh Ponies
Nanaimo, BC Canada            

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About Welsh Ponies
  • The Welsh breed is divided into four sections. West Abbey farm raises Section A and Section B.
  • Section D is the Welsh Cob and Section C is a smaller cob known as Welsh Pony of Cob type.
  • Welsh Ponies are famous for their intelligence, willingness and great temperaments.
  • They are reliable, healthy, long lived with friendly and endearing dispositions.
  • Welsh Ponies are famous for their versatility.
  • The saying, "You never outgrow a Welsh" is indeed true.

West Abbey Farm

West Abbey is dedicated to producing Section A and Section B Welsh ponies from top bloodlines with good dispositions, friendly personalities and sound athletic bodies for our own enjoyment and for sale.

We spend time with our ponies and know each personality thoroughly. Every pony is a bit different. It is that difference that makes each one unique.

Our ponies grow up with mares stallions and other foals. They are completely socialized as equines as well as in the world of humans.

We maintain them in social groups which contribute to their development. We enjoy our ponies and will be happy to correspond with you about them.

Our prices are realistic and shipping from our farm is easily arranged.

West Abbey farm for Welsh Ponies, Section A, Section B,